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Ganglions are benign (harmless) cystic lumps which are filled with jelly like clear fluid. They are very common around the wrist joint and in the fingers. The ones around wrist usually extend deep into the wrist joint and the ones in the palm and fingers usually come from the tendons. A particular type of ganglion called Mucous Cyst occurs in the end joint of fingers and is seen in people with arthritis.

Ganglion can gradually increase in size but can also get smaller. They are generally not very painful but can cause some ache around the wrist and in the palm and fingers.

Treatment may involve doing nothing if they are not causing pain or if they are small. Larger and painful ganglions require treatment which can be Aspiration but this carries a high recurrence rate. Complete surgical removal is the other choice but even after this there is a small risk of recurrence.

Wrist ganglions are removed under General or Regional anaesthesia but finger and palmar ganglions can be removed under Local anaesthetic. The recovery is quick but scar can remain sensitive for a few months.


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